We guide you through the digital transformation of your company

Who are we?

We are part of   Docaposte Group, a pioneer international company, and specialist in Secure Electronic Document Exchange Solutions where we act as a Trusted Third Party.

More than 30 years boosting the digitization of companies

We help companies to achieve digital transformation to improve process optimization, automation, and management for B2B, B2G, and B2C relationships.

Your trusted partner,
simplify processes, makes life easier

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SERES in figures

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 B

€/year managed
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3 Milions

active companies
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+1.000 M

exchanged documents/ year
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connected portals 
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countries with exchange

Our Pillars


We develop our solutions

· Prompt response to frequent changes in regulations and your environment.

· High level of availability - 99.97%.

· Extensive experience and know-how.

· Corporate developments in France and Spain.

· Connectivity: One of the points with the greatest connectivity in the exchange of documents in the world.


We provide a complete and global solution

· Adapted to regulatory and "business" requirements.

· Multi-country and multi-language.

· Customer service: Close contact with local and global offices 24/7 remotely.


Your trusted partner

· We believe that a long-lasting relationship with our clients is the key to success.

· Sustainability over time is necessary. Trusted third party online.

· We add value to the document, not just to the exchange.

We want to be the partner of your Digital Transformation

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Technologic Solution for Electronic Document Exchanges

It helps us to better organize the treatment of information, and to be competitive in an environment with continuous evolution.

Our technology will allow you to transform a problem into a solution that gives you an advantage in a globalized world where the demands, external and internal, are increasing.

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Guidance through change management

We have been helping companies and their partners for several decades, advising, offering solutions tailored to your needs and training, so that they get the best out of change.

It's essential to have the technology and environment of trust to facilitate the change between your business partners (suppliers, customers, employees, government, etc). All are a part and must be aligned with your strategy.

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Trusted Third Party Online

SERES acts as a trusted third party and works to be your best travel companion in this transformation. We bring you the independence, security, reliability and peaceful mind.

Our services provide integrity and authenticity in your exchanges. Essential aspects for a solid relationship based in an intangible environment.

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Global Connectivity

We have networks and platforms that allow access to hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. In this way and, regardless of the countries where we have physical offices, thanks to our global connectivity capacity.

Our worldwide coverage allows us to become the best global partner for your services document exchange.


Want to work with us?

At SERES we constantly look for new talents to continue growing.

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