Management System Policy

The General Directorate of SERES is aware of the need to implement an Integrated Management System for Information Quality and Security, as a necessary element to:

  • Continuously improve its activities, services and compliance with customer requirements.
  • Protect your information assets, as well as those of our clients and users, against any threat, internal or external, deliberate or accidental.
  • Our Management System is supported by the following guidelines:
  • Guarantee the availability of our services, as well as the integrity and security of the documentation, complying with the agreements established with the clients.
  • Work according to systematic methods, so that the work carried out is traceable and reproducible.
  • Manage the existing knowledge about our services and solutions, collecting it in tools and sharing it among the staff, achieving a team with greater versatility in the work to be carried out.
  • Comply with the requirements committed to with customers, as well as with current legislation and those commitments agreed with third parties.
  • Continuously improve our work, services and processes, as well as the Management System itself, without forgetting the permanent orientation to the business..

To guarantee compliance with this Policy, the General Directorate undertakes to disseminate it among the people that make up SERES, who must be aware of their responsibility in the quality of their work and in the contribution that it makes to the management objectives of the business.

The application of this Management Policy is applicable to both contractors and personnel temporarily hired by SERES.

The SERES General Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources to comply with the guidelines included in this Policy, to use it as a reference for the establishment of management objectives and to review it periodically to guarantee its continuous adaptation.

POL06 / 02 version of 01/18/2021