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EDI Solucion


Exchange all types of electronic documents with all large companies. Connect with all your business partners.

e-factura solucion


Digitize and automate your billing process. Connected with all the Public Administrations and thousands of private companies.

Contralia Solucion


Electronic signature with full legal validity. Automate, simplify and improve your document signing processes.

Financiacion solucion


Access new ways of financing and immediate liquidity. Collect your invoices in advance 100% online.

Otras soluciones

Other Solutions

SERES digital solutions pool, we provide answers that add value to all your key business processes. 


Send and receive documents with all large companies

 EDI Project

  • Digitize and automate the relationship with your suppliers and business partners.
  • Easy integration of your ERP or management system. Validation of documents and transformation to the ideal formats automatically.
  • Automated and tailored workflows for all processes.
  • Suppliers Portal, digitize the relationship with your community.

EDI Solution

  • Connect to the largest business network with more than 200,000 companies.
  • Tailor-made solutions according to your business and documents exchanged: web version or integrated with your ERP.
  • Electronic exchange of all types of documents: purchase orders, invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc...
  • Hosted on the cloud of all documents.

Electronic Invoice

Leading solution, Connected with all Public Administrations and thousands of companies


  • Digitize and automate the accounts receivable with the electronic invoice.
  • Easy integration with your ERP or management system.
  • Automated and personalized flows: Collation, verification, validation and assignment.
  • Intelligent and automated tracking of invoices before they are due.
  • Digital archiving in the document cloud for maximum traceability.


  • Digitize and automate the accounts payable with the electronic invoice.
  • Sync with your ERP or management system.
  • Automatic conversion from the original format (XML, Facturae, etc...) to the format you need.
  • Provider Portal, mark the rules and receive the invoices electronically as you decide.
  • Connection with all channels (FACe, FACeB2B, Peppol, etc...).


Sending invoices with tracking
smart and automated before expiration.


SERES as a certified provider of PEPPOL is your access point to a global network.

Digital Signature

Automate, simplify and improve your document signing processes.


Electronic signature with full legal validity. Integrated with your ERP, your processes and fully customizable workflows.



Immediately access forms of financing that allow you to pay in advance.

Supply Chain Finance

Facilitates financing mechanisms allowing the financial strengthening of suppliers in your production chain.

Anticipate your e-Invoice

 Non-recourse factoring service. From the SERES platform, collect your invoices in one click.

Other Solutions


Transition process from a paper document to an electronic environment.


It improves the transparency of processes between different sectors.


SaaS (Software as a Service) service for certified electronic correspondence.

Docupost DC

The best ally to start a project of electronic invoices at reception.


SaaS service (Software as a Service) which simplifies document management.

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