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e-Invoice Multicountry

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e-Invoice Multi-Country

The electronic invoice is the digital version of the traditional invoice. Being able to be transmitted and kept electronically, as well as, functionally and legally equivalent to the traditional invoice.

The issue of invoices through electronic format has a series of widely demonstrated advantages:

  • Tracking in realtime.
  • Rapid information exchange.
  • Higher profitability and cost decrease.
  • Process optimization and management improvements.
  • Comply with the obligation or a requirement of a partner.
  • Safe and global communication channel.

Benefits for your Business

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Be part of the larger community

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Reduce the average collection period

__Ahorro-de costes 2_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

Higher profitability with ROI in months

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New ways of financing

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Digital transformation of your processes

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Easy adaptation and flexibility

What is the status of the e-Invoice globally?

The electronic invoice is an initiative promoted at a global level in which the efforts of many governments and private entities have allowed significant progress.

Although there are generally similarities in electronic invoicing projects between different countries in Europe and America, the various guidelines, national regulations and technological developments blur a greater similarity.

If your company is a multinational with subsidiaries in several countries, you may want a unified system, that provides you with an international electronic invoice project, that's your best option.

In Europe, the electronic invoicing has been greatly strengthened by the European Commission.

2020 has been a fundamental year with regard to the massification of electronic invoicing in Europe. Since April 2020,all Public Administrations of the Union, central and regional and local, are obliged to receive and process invoices in electronic format.

On the other hand, in Latin America the electronic invoice as an electronic receipt is an instrument that has been promoted and used by the governments of the region to reduce tax evasion. In this sense, advances in this field point to the optimization of public mechanisms and improvement of public accounting.

Why implement a unified electronic invoice project?

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Adaptation to the regulations of each country 

Updated solution that covers the local requirements of each subsidiary in addition to providing a set of functionalities adapted to your work environment.

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Coordination in the exchange of billing information
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Real-time visibility
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A Global Operator

Each of its subsidiaries will not have to adapt to the same provider, but this adaptation will be carried out automatically and with a support and help service throughout the activation.

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Electronic invoice Benefits

Complete automation of the different tasks involved in billing in a simple and fast way; which will allow you to get the most out of your electronic invoice project.

Value functionalities

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Unique dashboard for issuing and receiving invoices, without portals.

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Automated and personalized flows: Collation, verification, validation and assignment.

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Intelligent and automated tracking of invoices prevention: Track2Pay.

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Access to new immediate ways of financing: Anticipate your e-Invoice.

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Digital signature of documents, guaranteeing legal validity and integrated into your processes: Contralia.

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Automatic conversion from the original format (XML, etc...) to the format you need.

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Secure connection with all channels (FACe, FACeB2B, Peppol, etc...).

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Hosted on  cloud preservation included.

The 6 keys to electronic invoicing

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Adapts to comply with changing regulations, and to any requirement of each of your clients.

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Access to multiple solutions and tools that cover all your needs.

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Global service and adaptable regardless of the sector, market, company size or country in which it operates.

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Don't worry about technology: all formats and channels use the electronic signature.

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Respond to both sides: full functionality for issuing and receiving invoices.

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Reduce the  COVID impact, eliminating manual tasks and automating the billing process.

Synchronize with your   system

We connect with any ERP on the market or with your own development

Easy integration, synchronizes in real-time: exchanges, statuses, documents, etc, with your ERP


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Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
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3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

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