Anticipate your e-Invoice

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Anticipate your e-Invoice

What does anticipating your e-Invoice mean?

SERES and BFF Banking Group are associated to offer an exclusive online service to their clients: from the digital platform they will be able to select and assign invoices with the Public Administrations in an immediate way and with the best guaranteed conditions.

BFF Banking Group is the leading European banking group in non-recourse factoring and credit management for providers of Public Administrations. With this alliance and integration into the SERES platform, clients will be able to enjoy non-recourse factoring services and electronic invoice management from a single tool.

Anticipa tu e-Factura SERES + BFF
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Convert your invoices into liquidity, guaranteed immediate payment without withholdings.

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Select your invoices and check the unique and known price at the time of the operation.

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The best price, guaranteed

At no extra cost, without subsequent settlements.

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No recourse, no collateral

And without bank risk consumption (CIRBE).

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100% online

Available 24/7.

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Without obligation

To contract additional financial products.

How does it work?

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Select the invoices and calculate the price*

BFF Banking Group calculates it instantly.

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Accept the price and process it

Digitally sign the contract and notify us about the assignment of your invoices to your clients.

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Receive the Money

Receive the amount of the invoices in your account.

Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
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3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

Free activation without obligation

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Would you like to know more about Anticipate your e-Invoice?

SERES offers an exclusive service to its clients, by accessing the "Anticipate your e-Invoice" section, they will be able to select and collect in advance their invoices with the Public Administrations, immediately and with the best conditions. With the guarantee of BFF Banking Group, the leading European group in factoring without recourse and credit management for suppliers of Public Administrations.

Anticipate your e-Invoice works in a simple way. Select the invoices you want to anticipate and calculate the price. BFF Banking Group calculates it instantly, and if you agree, accept the price with a click and receive the money. That's all.

Simply complete the online registration form with your details. Free and without obligation. In less than 48 hours you will be ready to start using the service.

100% online process. In your "bankable invoices" area, simply select the invoices you want to anticipate and get the final price immediately. If you agree, accept and receive the payment.

100% transparent service. You will know the final price of your invoices immediately. The price is unique, acknowledged and without subsequent commissions.

Once your client agrees, the payment process will automatically be triggered, and invoices will be paid in less than three business days.

You can contact our Fintech services department where we will be happy to answer your questions by email at

Do you know about a project for invoice reception?

Our service will allow you to provide differential value to get the most out of a change that will make your company more productive and competitive.

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Anticipate your  e-Invoice

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