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About Blockchain

Blockchain solves inefficiencies and paper-based processes, applies good practices in a large number of cases, while providing trust and transparency thanks to a very secure protocol.

An important part of the potential of Blockchain to provide real value is related to the Internet of Things (IoT), with the use of sensors that obtain relevant information in real time in the operation processes.

Blockchain solutions will properly manage this information to guide the decision-making process. Key decisions in logistics and industry. In this sense, SERES contemplates and agrees to carry out integrations with companies specialized in IoT, and thus, expand the scope of its solutions.


Advantages by sectors

Blockchain technology is successfully applied in the improvement and transparency of processes

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Improvement of traceability and security protocols, development of autonomous driving, vehicle rental and temporary access authorizations.

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Food & Beverage

Improved traceability, temperature and vibration monitoring in combination with IoT sensors.

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Self-managed factories through communication between machines and smart factories, use of sensors for traceability, version control and industrial property...

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Efficiency improvement and elimination of paper-based processes, international trade, transportation, product traceability and delivery, temperature control in vaccines.

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 Food Consumption

Improvement of food  global traceability, location and removal of products in poor condition in less time...

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Banks & finances

Creation of a global payment network, safer and more comfortable transactions, reduction of time transfer, protection against fraud...

SERES, a reference in the Blockchain technology market

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Provides the first Blockchain solution for the Franchise and Supply Chain business. SERES presented this solution at the Top Blockchain Sessions of the Oracle Open World 2018 in San Francisco.

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Notarize all EDI electronic documents.

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Develops ad-hoc Blockchain solutions adapted to customer needs.

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It has agreements to carry out integrations with specialist IoT (Internet of Things) companies, expanding the scope of its solutions.

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SERES is an associate member of AMETIC and participates in the Blockchain Commission.



SERES is an associate member of the Alastria multisectoral Consortium and has an operational node deployed in its network to provide services on this public Blockchain.


SERES has deployed a Blockchain solution in Oracle Cloud Services and is one of the first companies in the world with real deployment and operational solutions in production in the field of the supply chain.

Your custom project

The real experience of SERES is a guarantee of our ability and willingness to support, guide and provide service to all companies that wish to apply Blockchain technology in their business processes, since we offer the key elements that companies need:

  1. 1

Advisory and consulting services to identify cases and find the ideal way to apply Blockchain.

  1. 2

 Connectors and Blockchain infrastructure to deploy their processes on this technology and exchange information effectively with their management systems.

  1. 3

A partner with experience in the functionality development through smart contracts to model business rules and processes.

  1. 4

Managed services 24/7 and support service that provides users with information in real time and facilitates decision-making.

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Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
D_Cliente_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

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