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About Docupost

The "Docupost DC" certified digitization module, approved by the Tax Agency AEAT, is the best ally to start up a project of electronic invoices at reception. Since, in the adaptation phase, while paper continues to enter the office, the management is already going digital. In this case, digitization allows you to carry out the electronic management of information regardless the format of the documents received.

The Spanish Tax Agency has approved SERES to be able to provide a certified digitization service, so that the scanned documents have the same legal validity as the physical ones, and thus, being able to forget about the original paper version.

Provides the following values:

__Productividad_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

Approved by the Tax Agency

__Integracion-2_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

e-Invoice Integrated with the SERES service 

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100% outsourced service



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Non-intrusive integration with your accounting system.Reducing the errors within the introduced data in your system, allowing to improve the quality of the information.

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Technology endorsed by the La Poste group which is one of the main French players in the areas of handwriting recognition and the reading of all kinds of documents, which covers handwriting.

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Coexistence of paper and electronic invoices. Allows to incorporate 100% of the suppliers into the project from the beginning.

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It provides all the functionalities to cover legal requirements such as the management of settlement periods.

With the certainty of having a service according to the Tax Agency

  • Your scanned invoices have value against the Spanish Tax Agency.
  • It allows you to eliminate the original invoices stored on paper in your historical file.
  • Eliminate the costs of managing and consulting the historical file of invoices.

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Key numbers

__Contralia-experiencia_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

+30 years

of experience
D_Euro_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

+750 MM

€/year managed
D_Cliente_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

3 Millions

active users
D_Documents_Picto_Azul y Naranja_ SVG

+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

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