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About EDI

It's a communication system that allows sending and receiving electronic documents through a common language.

The EDI work model implies the realization of commercial actions without papers, electronically, through a specific structure and on an international standard.

  • Essential supply chain Industries.
  • An element in the digital transformation of companies.
  • Improves the relationship of your company with your business partners.
  • Allows advanced decision making.
  • Stimulates the internationalization of the company.
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Digitize and automate the relationship with your suppliers and business partners.

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Easy integration into your ERP or management system. Validation of documents and transformation to the ideal formats automatically.

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Automated and tailored workflows for all processes.

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Suppliers Portal, digitize the relationship with your community.

Use by company departments

The size of your company and how each of the departments uses specific documents according to their activity influences your decision.

Automation saves considerable time, costs and resources. Traceability allows you to immediately review invoices and automate the payment process.

It allows to achieve an improvement in the management of the merchandise. The inventory report helps you to know your stock more accurately and gives a real-time view of the company's merchandise, being more efficient by forecasting and planning your demand with greater accuracy.

The exchange of certain documents such as the sales report helps to plan production, allows to know the sales and generates a geographical drawing of where the campaigns carried out have had a greater impact.

Having a service that provides a non-intrusive interface for integration with all management systems and thus generate the document, the format and the version you want, without causing any problem, is the best option.

Promote EDI with Suppliers

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Do you want to start an EDI project?

To start a project with EDI it is necessary that you have some factors in mind:

  • Analysis and initial segmentation of suppliers: by volume, size, technological level...
  • The first document; Order and / or invoice? The order allows the management improvement of the purchasing department and the invoice of the financial department.
  • Definition of the administrative structure and assignment of EAN codes of the company's management centers.
  • Integration of EDI in your management systems or ERPs.
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Do you already have a project?

SERES EDI services allow you to combine your current project with new tools or functionalities that make you improve the results of your project:

  • Incorporate suppliers to our EDI Network.
  • Extend the use to other documents.
  • Reaching 100% of your suppliers is possible.
  • Orders: Change your management without changing your current relationship with EDI FAX.
  • Automate processes, provide financial value, EDI with your clients...

Send and receive electronic documents with all large companies

Do you want to promote an EDI project with your suppliers?
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Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
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3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

Your project in progress

Whether you are asked to work with EDI or want to start or expand your project, our service will allow you to provide differential value to get the most out of a change that will make your company more productive and competitive.

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