Amadeus Case Study

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Technology leader Amadeus connects more than 1.5 billion people a year with local travel providers in more than 190 countries.


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Find a trusted partner for digital transformation
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Global electronic invoice solution for all countries
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Unify the billing process and integrate it with our systems


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Contribute positively to the environment
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Anticipate mandatory requirements in Latin America
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Centralize the invoice issuance process
"Our main objective was to comply with the mandatory nature of electronic invoicing in Mexico, but it was already announced that it would be implemented in other countries where we were present, such as Colombia or Ecuador."

Sebastián  de Martino
Senior Manager AMADEUS LATAM
"From Mexico we began to centralize the invoice issuance process for the 5 Latin American countries that we manage from here to have unified processes." 

Alfredo Arce
Revenue Management & Collection Coordinator AMADEUS LATAM

Multi-Country Electronic Invoice Project integrated with SAP

SERES, a certified electronic invoice technology partner present in 5 Latin American countries, develops a personalized project where Amadeus generates a single invoicing process for which we took care of transforming it into the appropriate format for each country and sending it where it belonged, complying with all established regulations. 


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Document management transparency

Regardless of the format in which its business partners, or the public administrations of the countries, work, Amadeus uses a single format when receiving and issuing documents. SERES carries out the transformation process of the different formats in its environment in real time to adapt them to the needs of each one.

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Digital transformation community

As part of the project, the promotion of the digital transformation of customers and suppliers is a key point for the optimization and automation of processes, making the change profitable from the beginning.
Training and advising your community on this change and driving the adoption of electronic invoicing becomes critical in a project like Amadeus'.

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Connection with the business environment

In addition to the connectivity through our network, SERES connects you with the technology that your client, provider or administration requests, being able to access a global environment adapted to each of your requirements. 

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Improved communication with clients

Both the electronic billing solution and Track2Pay have come to solve one of the main reasons why the billing process was lengthening: the lack of bidirectionality in communication with customers, managing discrepancies in real time make the difference.

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Agile deployment and non-intrusive change

Working closely with Amadeus, key points were improved in the billing processes and on a global scale, making integration with their systems and SAP as agile as possible.

"We faced the great challenge of centralizing the entire electronic invoicing process in Latin America, and in SERES we found our ideal partner."

Sebastián  de Martino
Senior Manager AMADEUS LATAM

Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
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3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

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