Reception Project

Digitize and automate the relationship with your suppliers.

What is a reception project?

Managing invoices received and managing suppliers is usually a complex process, especially in large companies.

During the last months as a result of COVID-19, large companies have prioritized the digital transformation and automation of key business processes, initiating reception projects with two objectives:

Digitization and automation of accounts payable: Electronic Billing.

Optimization of the purchasing process: Supply Chain Management.

The companies that already did so have managed to grow in profitability and have improved the relationship with their suppliers, thanks to the fact that they are now setting the rules.


Benefits of digitization

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For your Business

  • Reduce costs in the billing process.
  • Save time in invoice processing.
  • Automation of key processes.
  • Better communication with your suppliers.
  • Improvement in efficiency, quality and accessibility of your data.
  • Compliant with regulations of each country.

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For your suppliers

  • Receipt guarantee of issued invoices and orders.
  • Electronic notice of correct delivery.
  • Time saving and cost management.
  • Easy access to the web portal for your clients.
  • Digitization of invoices and documents.
  • Attention and technical support 24/7.

How do my processes improve?

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  1. Paper invoice

1. Time is spent identifying and sending the invoice to the person in charge.

2. The invoice must be checked against an order, a delivery note, a contract, etc, which is often not found on the invoice.

3. Unnecessary time and expense is spent typing data into the accounting system.

4. The invoice goes through a complex approval process that is simplified with electronic receipt.

5. According to AECOC, 20% of invoices originate discrepancies and rejections.
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  1. Electronic bill

1. Receive and process the correct invoices for their collation and accounting.

2. Automatically introduces accounting data into your systems: Eliminating overexertion and errors.

3. Workflow adapted to the internal approval process.

4. Automatic notification to the supplier of any rejection or non-conformity of the invoice.

5. Onboarding program that guarantees the addition of its suppliers to the project.

  1. TIME: 9 min | COST: 7.22€ 

  1. TIME: 2.5 min | COST: 2.27€ 

How do we do it?

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Definition of the project

  • Identification of points of improvement.
  • Personalized proposal.
  • Detailed project planning.
  • Creation of user manual.

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Activation and Execution

  • Selection and validation of predefined modules.
  • Custom development.
  • Testing of the service.
  • Training and personalized support.

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Digital impulse Suppliers

  • Strategic and communication planning.
  • Progressive onboarding program.
  • Free web portal.
  • Attention, support and training.

Key processes 

Digitize and automate accounts payable | Electronic billing

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Single point of reception
of all supplier invoices.

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Automatic conversion of the original format
(XML, Facturae, etc...) to the format you need.

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Scanner (OCR)
 Export paper and PDF invoices to the required format.

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Customized and automated flows
collation, verification, validation and assignment.

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Connection with all channels
FACe, FACeB2B, Peppol, etc...

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Digital archive in the cloud
of documents for maximum traceability.

Optimize your shopping process | Supply Chain Management

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Exchange of all kinds of documents  purchase orders, invoices, orders, delivery notes etc...

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Validation and transformation  
automatic electronic documents.

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Workflows automation and tailor-made workplaces for all processes.

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Global interoperability network, access all providers.

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Suppliers portals
 digitize the relationship with your community.

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Custody and digital archive of documents in the cloud.

Connected with your ERP


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Key numbers

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+30 years

of experience
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+750 MM

€/year managed
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3 Millions

active users
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+1.000 M

documents/year exchanged
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connected companies
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countries with exchange

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